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and not just right now. and that really has a lot of meaning to us. and we have great sympathy for the fact that this is an enormously complicated process that they're, that they are going through. what we have asked of the fcc commissioners is more traction parent si -- transparency, more engagement. it might be conventional wisdom that if broadcasters want to stop this -- actually, i think it's in our interests to accelerate this to the degree possible while still getting it right. because this has enormous consequence to the nation that there is a dedicated and healthy broadcast band dedicated to broadcasting if we're serious about preserving video on a large scale that is free and that is local. these things are hugely important to people. in the information age, people still care about gathering around their big screens and watching sporting events or getting emergency information or staying up with the news. it comes there broadcasting in a very significant way. so we, we gave up a lott of spectrum -- a lot of spectrum when we went from analog to digital. we're being asked for more. b
know, we rely basically on physician groups to tell us how many hours it takes to give various services. but there was a washington post or new york times article, i forgot which -- i think it was a washington post -- that showed that for certain specialties the doctor would have had to work over 24 hours a day to equal the number of hours that they had, were charged with. so we've got to get a better handle. and the people who are being disadvantaged under the current system are primary care. and that's what we have to fix. and you're exactly right. if we're going to get the right mix, the right work force mix, then we have to have the right reimburse bement structure. and a lot of that means let's replace the sgr which was not part of the affordable care act. it's a separate issue that we clearly have to deal with. i'm going to ask a question, if i might, jay, and that is -- [inaudible conversations] [laughter] >> those of you that have to sort of figure out in advising people how to enroll in the exchanges, i don't know if you've had a chance yet to take a look at the type of plans t
? gorgeous on her first day, tweet us at my fox dc. dozens of homes evacuated after a gas leak in the neighborhood. workers were digging near summerhill and northham roads. firefighters went door to door telling everyone to get out. >> as soon as i opened the door, gas filled through the house. we had a baby over here, miss bee's child care across the street. >> about 80 homes affected. washington gassies the leak. >> coming up, a warning if you are headed to the skins game, find out why certain bags are no longer allowed. >> a new twist in nsa investigation, find out why a man has the white house answering questions. >> massive wild fire out west tackling the blaze the size of denver, gary? >> big fire. we have clouds, no real showers if you are headed to the game, weather wise no issues. here is what it looks like out there now. it is going to start feeling more like august. we have a first look at your forecast all coming up, stay with us.  >> the unrest continues in egypt nearly a week after a government crack down after oust of president morsi. two
of the kids. this day could come a little later. in the meantime, folks up, tucker barnes joining us and what the kids are going to face at it is bus stop. no rain, please, today. >> allison, more importantly less traffic. >> exactly. people are nicer in the summertime. >> they are. little bit of fog south and west. mostly cloudy conditions. little warmer than yesterday. highs near 80s. nice and cool, reagan national. 62 dulles, bw marshal 63. dulles reporting fog. we have had widespread fog south and west of the city early this morning, manassas, front royal, winchester, you guys have been dealing with reduced visibsibi y visibiliti visibilities. it will be a mostly cloudy day, some of the shower activity into southern virginia, some of that will sneak in later today. we'll have scattered showers in the forecast. upper level low associated with storm system from yesterday. we were not quite done with the rain threat but bright sunshine by tomorrow. plenty of clouds, few showers. highs in the low 80s. you may see little sunshine as well. lots more on the weather coming up, let's do traffic wi
. the government is not calling it a coo. that would require cutting off of u.s. military aid. >> the law is what the law is. president is in defiance of the law. when there is military take over, our aid must end. >> most of the military most of the aid has been delivered, all except four f-16s and helicopters. >> the muslim brotherhood is showing no backing down. >> coming up at 6:11, a safer school year in one prince george's neighborhood. we have the weekend box office results coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. dpn that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. >> welcome back to "fox 5 morning news." time now 6:14. lee daniels the butler is no. 1 at the box office. took in 25 million dollars in debut win. loosely based on reae of white house butler eugene allen. did pretty good. >> i would still like to see it. i haven't gone. i see it is pretty good
their own bottled water to school and ask them not to share with anyone. use hand sanitizer. make sure the child gets enough rest. 1 to 12 hours of sleep a night -- 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night is best. a good nutritious meal can build resistance. doctors say bundle up their overcoats. studies have shown people who protect themselves from hold man's winter's wrath are less likely to catch a cold later in the year. for today's health minute, reporting. >>> one of the worst things that comes with back to school is making timing to pack paul have those lunches. experts said go for variety. try to hit all the food groups. even though you want your little ones to eat healthy, it's okay to send along a treat. and she believes communication is key. >> i think it's important for parents and children to establish an open relationship on what they're eating. if they want to buy something, be open and not to have kids feel like they have to sneak or trade with their friends. >> forget about mills industry meat f your kids do buy, the options are much healthier than in years past. school progra
's schedule this week. deputyjoined by the white house editor for politico. start us off with this bus to or in -- this bus tour. educationis on higher issues but he will be talking about other issues as well? republicans are coming up now very quickly. this particular spring is going to be focused on colleges. he's going to take care of upstate new york. he is going to be stopping in president biden -- in vice president biden's hometown on friday. host: he has made a few other proposals already, including one on corporate tax reform for stimulus dollars. where has that gagne go where have some of these proposals see, thist: as you tourist taken him across the country. -- this two were is taken him across the country. proposal will take the form of executive actions that the president can take on his own without congressional approval. other proposals that he is running by congress -- we are not expecting any particular action from this congress. this covers the full spectrum of the economic agenda, including healthcare spending, student loans, home costs. and all of the different arra
that could mean for the united states. thank you, dr. khan. a comprehensive and useful picture of what is going on. to thegoing to turn director of emergency preparedness for louisiana public health. the center ofat coordinating agencies that are disasters of various types. she has a background in health administration. during theund katrina days, and she has been with the department for over 20 years. we are pleased to have you with us today. >> can you hear me? good afternoon. i i was one of the last panelist picked up. my strength is operations. usually i am never at a loss for words. could tell me the problem is katrina. recently tropical storm isaac last year, so so many concerns we have, if you said, how are we going to evacuate half of our coast line in 38 hours. i know who to go to. i know how long it is going to take. how many states can be evacuated or not? how many will be federal assistance? i can tell you. all of a sudden i find myself not coming up with words or , andus about what to say we are asking for your help to advocate because of the things i know, because of oper
to the southeastern united states. more rain to that area. indra is tracking this for us. it seems you have been tracking it for weeks, even months. >> the swath from the gulf of mexico to the southeast is impressive to see. they can't handle anymore of this rain. heavy rain and high winds battered much of the southeast this weekend bringing flash floods and record rainfall. check out what members of one church saw after sunday service. waist deep water covering their car doors. a foot of rain fell in less than an hour. business owners along highway 49 found water rushing into their stores. >> fire trucks are out there. >> it didn't get that much rain from katrina. >> reporter: these motor "rick's list"s were stuck. a swath of tropical moisture drenched the gulf coast to the carolinas. in miami beach, an elderly couple was killed while swimming. >> they were in cardiac arrest. we worked them to the hospital. they were pronounced dead. >> reporter: they weren't alone. they came to the aid of at least 50 swimmers. here is what we are talking ability t. tropical moisture in the yucatan over the wee
are investigating. we brought you this story first on twitter. for the latest brake break, you can find us -- breaking news, you can find us on twitter. >>> harford county sheriff's office officials said seth beckman stormed into several businesses, including a snow bam stand on saturday before he was confronted by a sheriff's deputy who ended up shooting him. his father said he had a history of mental illness. beckman's father said he believes his son was on drugs at the time. the fashes said those drugs, bath salt and spice are popular in m kids believe they mimic the high from marijuana but they're much stroarnlg. social media spreads the information. >> how to get it, the effects of it. some folks even use social media as a distribution hub for both bath salts and k2 and spice. there are plans that make the selling it illegal. the dea said they're often fond in mom and pop gas station and corner stores. >>> moms and dads check ot our home page with all the stories on synthetic drugs. >>> a former morgan state university student charged with killing a man and cannibalizing some of his o
of emptiness. >> the harford county state's attorney speaking on behalf of the man from ghana. he came to the u.s. to further his education, but was brutally murdered. the man who committed the crime, 22-year-old alexander is now the committed to psychiatric hospital. >> there is conceivably a time when he is found ok to be released back into society. i do not think that is any time soon. that is always a concern of a condition like this. >> he pled guilty to admitting to attacking the man while he slept. he dismembered his body and ate his heart. his head and hands were found inside the home. police located the remaining body parts inside a dumpster in a church parking lot. is not onlyion disturbed by the crime, but also what happened before and after the murder. >> the planning that went into the commission and planning that went into the disposal of the evidence and the cleaning up besides what you all heard about the disposal of the body, the room had been painted. >> a friend of the victim told the judge that he was a god the young man with a strong family background. she said he was slaught
of the egypt an ambush by extremist militants on two mini bus killed 24 police men. they used rocket propelled grenades as the two buss were driving through a village near the border in the cyanide peninsula. back in cairo the egyptian military maintains high presence following a weekend of clashes in city streets. egypt's military led government is pondering the next move after days of bloody conflicts with supporters. the ousted president morsi. members of the european union will meet to discuss how to handle the crisis in egypt. >>> 4:41. we are following breaking news the olympic running accused of murdering his girlfriend has a trial day. this photograph of oscar pistorius was taken hours ago in a south africa court. the date is march 3rd. ies charged with-- he is charged with killing his girlfriend in february. the proceedings just adjourned and pistorius reportedly left the courtroom.>>> it's 4:42. if you are about to head out the door, hang on because mike masco is here to let you know how to prepare. >> we are getting complaints. it's too cold out there. >> please. >> just wait it's c
. a reporter joins us from outside police headquarters with the latest on both investigations. >> one man was shot in east baltimore. 2 more were shot in central baltimore along guilford avenue. add that to 2 triple shootings over the weekend. three people shot in each of those incidents, including a young child. to st.ves were called charles avenue in west baltimore for a triple shooting. three men received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries at an area hospital. less than 24 hours earlier, another triple shooting in the 1200 block of east eager street. police say a seven-year-old child was playing outside when he was hit the gunfire, along with 2 adult pick them's. >> complete disregard for the community, and an innocent child playing on his own street. fired several rounds. we have evidence to indicate it was multiple shots that were fired, nine to 10 shots at least. >> investigators say this was not a random shooting, but the child was not an intended target. they say the shooting was part of a neighborhood dispute, but so far, they have gotten no leads in the case, and they a
u.s. tv nt view with uk prince william since the birth of his son. prince george alexander. prince william talks about beinga new parent and passion for africa. it's part of documentary prince william's passion new father new hope. >>> and in other news, 41 years after they went undefeated the 1972 miami dolphins are being invited to the white house. president obama will honor them in a special ceremony tomorrow. the 1972 col begins -- dolphins are the only nfl team to win every game in the regular season and playoffs. the team beat the redskins in the super bowl in 1973. >>> and speaking of the nfl standing on sidelines can be hazardous. fox sideliner reporter pam oliver is hit in the face by a chandler pass during the colts giants pregame. she was fine as a veteran reporter laughed it off and showed the painful -- oh. third quarter she showed it off a bit. fox sports tweeted out pam oliver is a trooper. that's the way you do it. >>> this is her dream wedding to walk down the aisle to the tune of duck calls. surrounded by friends and family and a couple hundred strangers megan coo
militants on two police mi buses in northern cyanide left 24 policemen dead. the monday morning attack using rocket propelled grenades happened as the buses were driving through a village near the border town. three policemen were wounded and in cairo the egyptian military maintains a high presence following a weekend of clashes in the city streets. the military led government is pondering the next move after days of bloody conflict with supporters of ousted president morsi. stateside congressional leaders are trying to come up with a solution towards the u.s. providing financial aid to egypt. democrats wants to refrain from declaring it a military cue and a number of republicans say it's time for the u.s. to pull their money. also dim mats from the european union are meeting later -- later today in brussels and will talk about actions in response to the ongoing crisis in egypt. >>> here at home tomorrow will be one year since two people were killed at train derailment. almost 100 runners took pardonpart in 2 mile run to honor the lives of the 19-year- olds. the run helped both families beca
24/7. call 1-800-progressive. >>> crews across the u.s. battle wild fires. the beaver creek fire in central idaho burned who are than 100,000 acres e-- more than 100,000 acres equal to the size of denver colorado. the weather helped out and fire crews had the fire just 9% contained. 60 square miles but has grown 12 square miles since yesterday. 2300 homes near the celebrity vacation spots were evacuated and thousands of others are ready to leave quickly. >> you never stop thinking about will i lose my house. >> coming down the mountain side right there. so now it's wait and see what happens. can't control it. >> some ski resorts are turning on snow make equipment to protect the mountains. fires threaten homes near dales and oregon and threatened in northern california. >>> a day at beach turned into tragedy in florida. an elderly couple died after getting caught in the rip current on miami beach. with help of a good samaritan they were pulled ashore and the situation was critical when rescue officials got there. the couple didn't survive. red and purple flags warn the dangerous c
that was wrong. >> reporter: the league suspended rodriguez 211 games for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs and obstructing baseball's investigation. he appealed and this morning continues to play until his case is heard. >> every time you think the story may be nearing an end, other layer is covered. >> reporter: that next layer came this weekend after "60 minutes" reported rodriguez or those in his camp leaked names and tried to take other players down with him as baseball probed biogenesis, that florida clinic which allegedly supplied the drugs to nearly a dozen players. it's a charge a-rod vehemently denies. >> never happened and would never occur and it didn't happen. >> if, indeed, he personally ratted out on other players, that's only going to hurt his reputation and his standing in the game even more. >> reporter: and abc news has learned that former league mvp ryan braun is apparently ready to open up. sources say he could apologize publicly for using performance-enhancing drugs as early as today. now, details are starting to come out this morning as to exactly how
with maybe criminal indifference. >> i think you will tell us. we will find out. we are back. beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> 15,000 people in russia's far east part of the country have had their -- had to flee their homes due to flooding. tens of thousands more may have to evacuate. it's the biggest flood in the past 120 years. water levels reck sped to -- exare expected to clive in the -- are expected to climb and so far the floods caused 50 million dollars they say worth of damage. >>> you want to take a crack at that city name megan pringle? >>i didn't see it. >> wow. good morning. mount airy we go and still pretty dark out there. cool
. for years he's carried on like all of us fascinated about how she lived and how she died. >>> find out yours truly the fissioner of a new york city police department went on your tv today and said pointers will be the one hurts from a judge's ruling. >>> to change the stop season. we're going to tell you how you can play a role. >>> and rain earlier today but we're dry now. it's going to get more active. and why it could arrive in an inopportune time. uh-oguess what day it is!is?? huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> new york city officials are fighting for the stop and frisk ruling of a judge. the city is appealing. commissioner ray kelly says searches make the city safer. >> the stark reality is that vi
speaking on behalf of a family of a young man from gadahn. he came to the u.s. to further raise education, but was brutally murdered. the man who committed the crime is now committed to psychiatric hospital. >> there is conceivably a time found able to be released back into society. i don't think it will be any time soon, but that is always one of the concerns with a disposition like this. >> he admitted to attacking the man with an axe while he was sleeping, dismembered the body, and he is hard. and he ate his heart. police located the remaining body parts inside a dumpster in the church parking lot. the prosecutor is not only disturbed by the crime, but also what happened before and after the murder. planning that went into the commission and the planning that went into disposal of the evidence and the cleaning up, aside from what you all heard about the disposal of the body parts in the dumpster, and the room had been painted. >> a family friend of the victim told a judge he was a got the young man with a strong family background. -- was a godly young man with a strong family backgroun
estudio muy serio e ilustrador de us today, beiyonÉ y daddy yankee son los que mejores ortografÍa tienen en twitter, los mÁs burros son justin bieber y el rapero. >>> saludos, los queremos. >>> sofÍa vergara estÁ contenta, le llegÓ la mÁquina para hacer pilates, luego de hacer la rutina quedÓ desmaÑada, animo mi toti, sÍ se puede, y chiquinquirÁ cumpliÓ adivine cuÁntos aÑos, 20 primaveras el sÁbado, y lo celebrÓ con su maÁa y su hija mayor, y dÓnde estÁ jorge ramos ? ay caray, Él tomÓ la foto, no se espanten, felicidades mi chiqui. >>> lady gaga estÁ harta de pÉrez hilton, y vea lo que le escribiÓ en su twitter, alejate de mÍ y de mi familia, estÁs enfermo al tratar de rentar un departamento en mi edificio para acosarme, dÉjame en paz, ay nanita, esto se pondrÁ sabroso. salida no hubo tiempo, no se reclamen, lo grabÉ, y esta, no sÉ que hace jessy, se tarda mucho, te quiero jessy. >>> hermano quiero recalcar. recalcame. >>> enseÑame la mano. >>> yo tambiÉn tengo, tÚ no, no estÁs casado, compadre, levante la mano, dÓnde estÁ el anillo compadre? (risas) >>>
importante que el presidente use su plataforma para elevar la importancia de resolver el problema migratorio pero sin ser Él el blanco o la estrella de la conversaciÓn. porque eso abre la posibilidad de simplemente, hacer esto, una pelea polÍtica. >>> la casa blanca, nos dijo hoy, que no cree que el presidente tenga que ta sarr su capital polÍtico en un solo asunto. >>> vemos el problema en la reforma mi dpgratoria como parte la estrategia. hablan de la inmigraciÓn como un beneficio econÓmico no son temas que compiten uno con otro. >>> agrega que el mandatario impulsara el tema en las prÓximas semanas. >>> los activistas esperan mÁs aÚn >>> la verdad, esperamos que el presidente responda. esperamos ver una serie de iniciativas creativas. la acciÓn diferida que otorgÓ a los dreamers. los republicanos no estÁn dispuestos a ceder. el viernes pasado, su comitÉ nacional, aprobÓ una resolucion que considera otorgar permiso de trabajos temporales. a millÓnes de in doblidocumentan paso a la legislaciÓn. >>> al regresar de su reces, los krep nos de la cÁmara baja no logran plantear u
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)